Act now to keep water out of your basement

At a social outing this weekend a former Saskatoon home inspector told me that he’s “buying up as much drying equipment” as he can get his hands on right now. He’s expecting a busy and profitable spring. We’ve had a lot of snow this winter. Some of that will end up in basements.

If the Weather  Network’s 14-day weather trend for Saskatoon is correct some of this snow is going to be melting. The good news is that it looks like it should be a slow melt. The bad news? A lot of ice will be created overnight. That ice could back up your gutters and downspouts and prevent water from moving away from your house. A lot of snow will produce a lot of water if the weather is even a little warmer than predicted. Act now to protect yourself from costly flooding by having snow removed from your roof (use a professional to avoid falling) and then move that snow away from your home’s foundation.

If you don’t get to it and water gets to you I’d be happy to refer you to a guy with a lot of drying equipment for hire.

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Forty-seven percent of couples argue about cleaning: Cool house cleaning facts

It’s not everyday that you think about house cleaning. Well, actually, you probably do think about house cleaning most days but I expect that it’s rare that you actually think about house cleaning facts outside of the regular scrubbing, dusting, washing and such. I stumbled across this awesome infographic today that details some interesting facts about house cleaning and I thought I’d share it here.

The infographic was produced by the Golden Shine Cleaning Company in San Diego. While you may never have the opportunity to use their services at home, you may find their website handy, particularly their archive of blog articles where you’ll find all kinds of great house cleaning articles, several on health friendly ways to clean.

Mold: A growing problem in the home

I happened across this video today and I thought it was worth re-posting here. Its a report done by CBC in Ottawa about mold in the home.

In my experience, it’s not unusual to find traces of mold in resale homes. As the video suggests, some of them are toxic while others pose far less of a health risk. In any case, if you notice the presence of mold in a property you’re interested in buying it’s definitely worth having tested. The cost of remediation can be significant if the mold is toxic and at an advanced stage.

A company like Canadian Indoor Air Quality Investigators can assist you with testing if you discover traces of mold in your home or in one that you’re considering. They’re both well equipped to remediate as well.

CMHC has also published a helpful guide titled, Fighting Mold – A Homeowners Guide that’s worth checking out.

Norm Fisher
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Short film provides a look at living homeless in Saskatoon

Nowhere to Go: Homeless in Saskatoon is a short film produced by the group Passion for Action Against Homelessness. The 23-minute two-part documentary provides insights into homeless living and the challenges that these people face everyday.

“The biggest thing that I experienced was a complete loss of self-esteem. To do that, to be sitting on the sidewalk, to be visibly homeless, to look through a garbage for whatever you can find, bottles, to ask people for change you have to drop all of your self-respect. It makes you feel like you’re a whole other species and that’s one of the problems with being homeless. You’re just different from everyone else and you’re not worth it, and you don’t feel like you’re worth it.” David Ferris

Part One

Part Two

“You hear a lot of people and they think that people who are addicted to drugs must be stupid or unintelligent. If they’re poor, or on welfare they must be stupid. Just through circumstances people lose their way. From my experiences I believe the most important thing is for them to make the decision that they want to move on, that they’re ready to move on but in order to do that they need to believe that they can. Don’t let them slip through the cracks.” David Ferris

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City Council chickens out on Willowgrove resident’s request

Chickens have great personalities, according to one Willowgrove resident who petitioned council to allow her to raise a few in her yard, but they won’t be living amongst us anytime soon.

In an 8-2 vote, council voted in favour of receiving Debbie Johnston’s three-page request as information instead of referring it to city administration for a formal report.

According to a Star Phoenix story published this evening, Councillor Gordon Wyant warned that allowing people to raise chickens could only lead to bigger things. With that, Mayor Atchison declared the matter put “to bed once and for all” and Ms. Johnston left the meeting “pissed off.”

The idea of raising chickens in the city isn’t a new one. David Hutton reports that Vancouver is considering a proposal to allow residents to keep up to four hens in their yard. “Several marches” have occurred in Calgary to try to get the city to lift bylaws banning it there. A facebook page titled “Raising Chickens” has been “liked” more than 500 times.

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Norm Fisher
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