Asbestos in the home

Citizens of Canada’s are no strangers to asbestos problems. Used throughout the 20th century as a prominent building material and insulator, health hazards related to asbestos has affected millions worldwide. Highly regarded for its qualities as heat and fire resistant, homes, buildings, and other products built before 1980 could still contain asbestos materials.

If you are a potential homeowner or are seeking to remodel an older home, exposure can cause many health concerns for you and your family. If you are interested in living in a safe, healthy environment, free of health damaging materials, here is some information to get you on that track.

Asbestos exposure can cause a debilitating lung ailment known as mesothelioma. This asbestos-related illness is one of the hardest for physicians to diagnose for a variety of reasons. The disease typically has a latency period lasting anywhere from 20 to 50 years when it has already reached its later stage of development. Its symptoms also resemble many of other less serious conditions. Mesothelioma treatment is usually limited to a handful of procedures and results vary from patient to patient. If your home or jobsite has had asbestos removed, exposure may have occurred previously and receiving a medical checkup is of the upmost importance.

Health Canada offers assistance and information in the prevention, disposal and removal of asbestos. They are federally responsible for helping citizens maintain and improve health at home and the work place. Homeowners should not disturb any suspected asbestos themselves as this makes its fibers airborne. The inspection and removal of toxic substances must be performed by licensed abatement contractors who are trained in handling dangerous materials. They work under provincial and federal regulations to ensure no health concerns arise from improper removal.

Once the area is asbestos free, environmentally sustainable materials should be considered including cotton fiber, cellulose and lcynene, water based spray polyurethane foam that can reduce energy costs annually. With the constant growth in technology, there is absolutely no need for health damaging materials such as asbestos.

Click for a larger image displaying potential problem areas for asbestos in the home.

A qualified home inspector can often detect the presence of asbestos and other potentially dangerous products that may have been used in home construction over the years. Put “healthy living environment” for your family at the top of your “wants and needs” list when shopping for a new home.

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Jack Grover goes back to prison

Surely, there is a God!

The Supreme Court of Canada today reinstated Jack Grover’s obstruction of justice conviction, ruling that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals was wrong to overturn the guilty verdict. Grover was charged following a deadly fire in one of his properties which left two children dead and an adult man suffering permanent brain damage. In June of 2006, Grover was found guilty of falsifying smoke detector maintenance records. On August 31 he was sentenced to serve one year in prison for his actions but he was released the following December when the conviction was set aside by the provincial appeals court.

Grover has a lengthy history of problems related to his real estate holdings which include single family homes and apartment buildings in Saskatoon.  In one five year period over 30 fires were reported at his properties.  He’s been convicted of making a false or misleading statement, obstruction of justice, as well as other infractions under the Fire Prevention Act and Saskatoon’s fire bylaws. This is the first conviction which came with a prison sentence. Sadly, it’s far too short.

Strange Saskatchewan Diversions: U-Pick a….Cow?

Strange Saskatchewan Diversions: U-pick a Cow

Is it just me, or is this just a really strange idea?

Saskatchewan cattle farmer, Ivan Allin has launched a new business venture called U-Pick Steak Farm, which is supposed to address consumer concerns about the quality and safety of the food that they’re eating.

The Saskatoon Sun quotes Mr. Allin as saying, “The idea just came to me one day. You have the u-pick thing with strawberries and raspberries so I thought, ‘why not beef?’”

I’m still trying to figure out how that makes sense. I think most people are pretty well qualified to pick strawberries and raspberries, but I start to feel a little out of my comfort zone picking a cow, and I can’t imagine that I might feel any “safer” for doing so.

Mr. Allin suggests that this is a way for consumers to “come back to nature, watch the calves as they’re maturing and even pick one that they might want to have.”

Perhaps it’s the city boy in me but the last thing I want is a long term relationship with something I’m eventually going to eat.

You have to hand it to Saskatchewan people for their entrepreneurial spirit and who knows, maybe this turns out to be a big thing. Strange as I may think it is, at least Mr. Allin is willing to try something different and he has managed some free ink as a result. Best wishes for your success Mr. Allin. I hope you mooove a few head of cattle. 🙂

If the idea of picking your own cow turns your crank, you can reach the U-Pick Steak Farm at 306-946-2440.