Proposed Hampton Village re-zoning not popular with some area residents

A city of Saskatoon proposal to rezone a parcel of undeveloped land to accommodate high-density housing in Hampton Village has some area residents crying foul.

Joel Anderson, “a new resident of Hampton Village” is quoted in a story in today’s Star Phoenix. “It’s hard to say it without sounding a little snobbish. You want to live in a nice area that equals what your income is, and you don’t want to be surrounded by low-income housing. That’s why we didn’t buy something down in the Riversdale area.”

310 Hampton Circle

310 Hampton Circle (in red)

The undeveloped land located at 310 Hampton Circle is currently zoned RMTN and accommodates townhouse developments at low to medium densities. The proposal, which has already passed through the municipal planning commission and will soon be heard by council calls for a zoning change to RMTN1 which can accommodate higher density developments that can generally be sold for less, raising some concern that the homes may become a target for real estate investors seeking cheap rental property.

“If you look out my backyard and you see the tops of these cheap townhouses, it’s definitely going to take away. It may not hurt the value too much, but it will definitely make it harder to sell,” Anderson said.

UPDATE: On March 1, 2010 the proposed re-zoning of this property was passed by city council.

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