Fees and listing policies

for representing Saskatoon home sellers

Thank you for your interest in having TeamFisher represent you in the sale of your home.

Our fee for service, where the value of the home exceeds $200,000 is five percent on the first $200,000 and two percent on the balance of the selling price. Where the value of the home is less than $200,000, our fee for service is six percent on the first $100,000 and four percent on the balance.

Please keep in mind that real estate commissions are subject to both GST and PST. Your total real estate fee will be subject to both taxes at five percent. For example, where the total real estate fee is equal to $10,000, the GST would be an additional $500, as would the PST, for a total charge of $11,000.

Our fee covers all expenses associated with the listing and marketing of the property, while other expenses associated with your sale and move like legal fees, mortgage payout penalties and moving expenses are yours to bear. More information about our home seller services can be found in the “For Sellers” section of this website. Our fee is payable only upon completion of a sale at a price and terms which are acceptable to you, and is payable from the proceeds of the sale at the time of closing. If we fail to sell your property during the term of our agreement, and that’s not likely, you pay us nothing for the services we’ve provided.

Our requested listing term is ninety days where the value of the property is less than $300,000 and one hundred and twenty days where the value of the property exceeds $300,000.

We specialize in residential properties including detached houses, condominiums, semi-detached homes, duplexes, and multi-unit dwellings with four or less living units. Our service area includes the city of Saskatoon, and urban areas located within forty kilometers of Saskatoon. If we helped you buy your home, we’ll help you sell it regardless of where it’s located. We do not take listings for acreages, farms, commercial property, or multi-family dwellings though we’d be delighted to recommend a competent agent who could serve your needs in those areas.

While it’s rare that we will refuse a listing that falls within our areas of specialization, we reserve the right to do so in instances where we feel our services may not be the best fit for a prospective home seller.

These listing policies are developed in the interest of prospective sellers. We want to work on properties, and in areas where we have experience, and have demonstrated expertise in the past. You deserve an agent who is competent and capable with your property type and familiar with the area your property is located in.