Saskatoon blog finds a place in the 10 Good Men Award roll

10 Good Men Award Teresa Boardman, REALTOR® and well known blogger from St. Paul Minnesota is no stranger to the blogging scene. She’s been at it longer than most and she’s well known throughout the community making guest appearances on other popular blogs on a regular basis.

She swears that given enough time, science will eventually prove that “woman” represents the beginning of all life, but we certainly can’t accuse her of not believing in equal opportunity. Teresa decided that it was high time male bloggers got a little recognition and today, I’m feeling very proud to have been included as a recipient of her “10 Good Men Award.”

Teresa, you are truly an inspiration! The internet is a pretty big place but somehow you managed to notice this brand new blogger and you took the time to say hi and offer your encouragement. The award is truly appreciated but I am even more thankful that I have had the opportunity to cross paths with you, and others like you. Thank you. Your authority as a blogger is evidenced by the sudden increase in backlinks to my blog that started building today. Now, I need to get to work on building a blog roll of my own. 🙂

I find myself in great company and want to extend my congratulations to nine good men who I share this honour with:

Josh Dorkin – Real Estate Investing for Real

Larry Cragun – Real Estate Undressed and Mortgages Undressed

Jonathon Miller – Matrix Blog

Doug Quance – Brokers First Realty Atlanta

Alex Stenback – Behind the Mortgage

Noah Roseblatt – Urban Diggs

Ed Rybczynski – No longer active

Erik Hare – No longer active

Jim Duncan – Real Central VA

Congrats guys and I’m looking forward to exploring your blogs.

For my American friends: I do actually know how to spell words like honor and neighborhood. The bonus “U” that you see in these words is a crazy Canuck thing, in case you didn’t know that.