No. 1 River Landing Sales Centre opens to enthusiastic crowds who were ready to buy

Update: And buy they did. Through a brief exchange with Dan Zakreski at CBC News, I learned that Dan had spoken with John Nasser this morning (November 21) and Mr. Nasser confirmed that a buyer had stepped forward for each of the 105 units they plan to build. Mind. Blown.

Nearly a decade after Remai Ventures put the brakes on plans to build a hotel on Parcel Y in Saskatoon, the No.1 River Landing sales centre opened last week to enthusiastic crowds eager to get a first peek at the project which finally seems poised for take off.

The sales and marketing effort began on Thursday, November 17 with a “Friends and Family Night” where a favoured few were given the first crack at reserving a unit in the 16 storey condominium complex that will, if all goes according to plan, be greeting its first occupants by May of 2019.

This initial launch was followed up with a REALTOR® and Client opening on Friday. By the time we arrived around 3:30 the place was packed wall to wall and the attending agents were suggesting that as many as 50 units were already spoken for, including the two penthouse suites each valued at more than $1-million dollars, and all of the largest corner units at the south side of the building. Meanwhile, dozens of prospective buyers held a place in line to see if their chosen plan was still available, and what the final price might be. The project will consist of 105 condominiums, the majority between 476 and 1152 square feet in size.

The sales centre opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday for “by appointment only” presentations. According to a representative of the project, more than 600 people had registered for these early opportunities.

It seems that the long wait for action on this site has finally come to an end and that No.1 River Landing shall soon be gracing the river’s edge, most likely fully occupied. In fact, the chatter on twitter suggests they’ve already sold out.

I mean, what took so long?



Billboard at the River Landing site.


A conceptual model of No. 1 River landing available at the sales centre.


Crowds stand in line to see if their chosen floor plan is still available.


Displays of 13 floor plans available at No. 1 River Landing.


The living room on plan C2 which is constructed in the sales centre to demonstrate the floor plan and finishes.


The master bedroom on plan C2 which is constructed in the sales centre to demonstrate the floor plan and finishes.


The kitchen on plan C2 which is constructed in the sales centre to demonstrate the floor plan and finishes.


The bathroom on plan C2 which is constructed in the sales centre to demonstrate the floor plan and finishes.

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Groundbreaking ceremony at Parcel Y brings an end to a decade long wait for River Landing development

It’s been more than ten years since Saskatoon city council approved Remai Ventures proposed plan to build a 200 room hotel and spa at Parcel Y. At that time, the projected cost to develop the improvements was estimated to be $40 million dollars. That parcel of land, a jewel on the banks of Saskatoon’s River Landing, would change hands twice and suffer numerous setbacks and delays. This past Wednesday, a groundbreaking ceremony got underway and the current landowner, Victory Majors Development Corp. announced that the first phase of the development which will include a 15-storey Alt Hotel and a 20-storey office tower will get underway in three to four weeks, as soon as regulatory approval is received. It’s expected to be complete within 14-20 months. Subsequent phases include two additional office towers and will commence when sufficient demand warrants their construction. The total cost of the project is now estimated to be $300 million.

More from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix here.

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Saskatoon neighbourhood cleans up its image: Globe and Mail

Here’s an interesting story about Riversdale that ran in today’s Globe and Mail.

“Riversdale’s 20th Street West has been the area’s commercial corridor for more than a century. Despite its early decades as a thriving community, Riversdale started to slide into a period of property neglect, poverty, crime and substance abuse during the 1960s. So notorious had the area become that, in the early 1990s, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix accompanied its newspaper reports with a specially designed “Violence on 20th” logo bordered by two switchblades.”

Read the whole story here.

Team Royal LePage Raises $3,470 for Coldest Night of the Year

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.21.57 PMA team of 14 walkers participated in Saturday’s Coldest Night of the Year walk as part of Team Royal LePage.

It was hardly the “coldest night of the year” but it was certainly a crisp one that produced some rosy cheeks by the time the walk wrapped up around 5:30 pm yesterday.

At the current time, the fundraiser’s total is inching toward the goal number of $50,000. Team Royal LePage raised $3,470 for the hungry and homeless in Saskatoon through the generosity of some of our agents and many of our friends. On behalf of all who participated, our sincere thanks to those who helped with this very worthy fundraiser.

Homelessness is still a serious issue in Saskatoon. These two charities are vital in the ongoing fight to eliminate homelessness here.

If you’d like to make a contribution to the Lighthouse and the Bridge, you can do so here.

Norm Fisher
Royal LePage Vidorra

Buddy's rock bottom – It can happen to anyone

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.21.57 PMI had never seen him before, and haven’t seen him since.

It was a chilly evening, one of the few we’ve had this winter, when a stranger walked into the Lighthouse. I was assisting at the Community Kitchen where a free hot meal is served twice a week to anyone who wants to attend.

Most who come in head straight for the food line. They’re hungry. Buddy just took a seat by himself, prompting me to approach him and offer a bowl of soup. “No thanks,” he said with a forced smile. I’m just warming up.

“Can I get you a coffee, at least?”, I offered.

“No, thank you very much, but I’m good”, he said, obviously reluctant to take a freebie.

When several minutes passed, I approached him again. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like something to eat, my man?”

Looking up from his seat, he said, “No, but I could sure use someone to talk to. Would you sit with me for a few minutes?”

I took a seat and listened as Buddy opened up, clearly feeling like he needed to explain how someone like him had come to be here. He told me how he had never been unemployed a day in his life, until recently, when the economy took a sudden downturn and jobs in his line of work began to dry up. He had worked hard all of his life. He’d raised a beautiful daughter whom he had supported through university. She was on the home stretch to earning her undergrad degree. He had come here by bus to visit her and while he was here he left the last dollar he had with his daughter. Here he was, tired, broke, with no way to get home. The man had hit his rock bottom. I couldn’t offer much other than the opportunity to connect with another human being during a difficult time, and some encouragement about the future Buddy had helped his daughter create. Fortunately, the Lighthouse could offer him a warm meal (which he eventually accepted) and a place to lay his head. That’s not a bad place to start when one is at their rock bottom.

Places like the Lighthouse, and the Bridge specialize in helping people make a fresh start at a healthy life. There are many reasons people might find themselves there and it’s important that they get the help they need when they arrive. I’m glad they’re here helping people in our community.

That’s why we’re participating in the “Coldest Night of the Year” walk to raise funds for this much needed organization. If you have a few bucks that you’d like to contribute, I’d appreciate it, and so would men and women like Buddy who just happen to have hit a rough spot.

If you’d like to throw a little cash toward this much needed fundraiser, please click here and donate.

Many thanks,

Norm Fisher